Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Common Ringed Plover

Common Ringed Plover, the curious one on the beach, they'd come as close they can to you and fly off. I've stumbled on a nest with eggs by a busy footpath in a field once.

Locality : Refnes Beach, Jaeren, Norway
Canon 7D2, EF600/4

Very common on this side of world as Little Ringed Plovers are over in Miri. Common Ringed Plover is a rarity in Malaysia, though once in a while sighted by our KK/Sabah birding brothers Karim Madoya, Denis Degullacion and others at Lok Kawi. Similar looking species such Malaysian Plover, Kentish Plover are common on Miri Beaches.

The most interesting plover species on Kuala Baram for me is the Malaysian Plover, they actually breed on our beaches and have been recorded breeding in Similajau, Tanjong Batu and Kuala Baram.

Images and words : Nazeri Abghani, 23rd Aug 2021

Ruddy Turnstone

 Ruddy Turnstone, probably maybe the strongest and gangster-like wader in his class size.

Locality: Refnes Beach, Jaeren, Norway

Canon 7D2 EF600/4

They literally flip stones, rocks, corals, kelp, debris they find on the beach with their stout beak in search of food. In Miri, they can usually be seen in Kuala Baram foraging with the other waders on the less muddy patch. A migrating wader, typically present both during Spring and Autumn migration season but not usually in large numbers.

Images and words : Nazeri Abaghani, 23rd Aug 2021

Friday, August 20, 2021


Sanderling, probably the most active wader on the beach. 

Locality : Naerland Beach, Jaeren, Norway

Canon 7D2 and EF400/4

In Miri usually found foraging on the sandy beaches of Luak Bay, Beraya Beaches in groups of 15-20 birds. Seen both during Spring migration on their journey North to breed and during Autumn migration on their journey South to spend the winter in warmer climes.

Images and words : Nazeri Abghani, 19th Aug 2021

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Grey Heron like you've never seen before

Heron feeding on ducklings! Not for the faint at heart.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Kuala Baram Wetlands Birdwatching

From Sungai Tujuh to Sungai Sembilan

Date: 15 Oct 2018

Time: 8:00 – 11:00

Water condition is high after heavy rain. Participants: Yusop Sulaiman, Jacey Yapp, Arnie Buang, Abibah Nee, Rasidah Hj Ibrahim, Majelah Jarae’e and Musa Musbah. Recorder: Jacey Yapp Weather: Cool wet cloudy morning.

We started to do counting just passed the roundabout. There are few yellow vented bulbul seen perching on the wire. There are a number of spotted doves also seen perching on the wire drying their wet wings. It was raining the whole night.

Asian Brown flycatcher. Photo Credit to Yusop Sulaiman

As we drove we saw a pair of pied oriental hornbill. A minutes later another pair joined the first pair. Later another three young’s bird with a pointed beak, an indication of new fledgling's. All together we saw seven hornbills.
Oriental Pied Hornbill Photo By Musa Musbah

After getting few shot of them we move forward as not to disturb their routine of searching for their morning breakfast among the casuarina trees. Bird-watching in Action

We move slowly searching for the Black shoulder kite, but they are not around. We stopped a while at Sungai Sembilan Duck watching area there is no ducks around. The water is high about 3 feet deep. This is an indication that the ducks will be at the shallow area to the East.

We moved at another area at the east and we found a spot with a number of bird flocking and looking for food. We can hear barbet calling in the distance.

Black winged stilt. Picture credit to Yusop sulaiman

They are the many black wings stints, few egrets and a number of wandering whistling ducks at one of the shallow area feeding. Some Marsh and wood sand piper were seen too. A single moorhen and White browed crake were seen too. Black wing stilt are whistling aloud while we are watching them.

We scan the area further to the tree line. We saw two purple heron, three Oriental darters and a single Changeable hawk eagle. A single white breasted sea eagle flew past toward the west.

We stop counting the bird at 11 pm. The Bird found: Yellow vented bulbul – 12 Spotted dove – 44 Collared kingfisher – 11 Oriental-Pied Hornbill – 7 Grass bird – 2 Little egret – 7 Intermediate egret – 1 Black-winged stilt – 42 Woos sandpiper—4 Wandering whistling ducks – 35 Moorhen – 1 White breasted sea eagle – 1 Marsh sandpiper – 1 Barn swallow – Many at the distance tree Swiftlet are common flying around above us Whiskered terns flew across to the prawn ponds – 6 White-browed crake – 1 Changeable hawk eagle – 1 Purple heron – 3 Asian brown flycatcher – 5 Asian glossy starling – 20 Lesser coucal – 1 Tri-color munia – 7 Oriental darter – 3 Hill myna – 2 Yellow bitten - 1