Monday, March 8, 2010

Birdwatching Around Lambir Area

7th. Mar 2010
Time 6:30 am – 11:00 am
Air temperature 29.6 ° Centigrade.
Hazy and misty morning, with a short rain.
Participant: Steve, Rosie, Sara, Majelah and Musa.

We started our journey from my house at 6:10 as promised by Steve to pick me up at that time. Majelah is her first time bird watching.

It was a hazy morning with a normal morning mist. It was quite difficult to differentiate between the two. The only thing about it, the haze is there due to the smell of those burnt grass that hit my lung. Being a person with asthma this haze make my outdoors activities is harder than normal. It was a blessing that we have a light rain and the haze clear a bit. This really helps my breathing a bit.

As we drive toward Buri junction we saw plenty of tree swift and white-throated needltail circling a high tree. We stopped there to watch them for a moment. They are having an early breakfast after the rain to capture the flying insects. The rain really make the insects flew out of their hiding place after a few days of thick haze in Miri. There was a dollar bird perching on a dead branch to the right of us.

As we go along the feeder road to Buri, there are plenty of bird songs. A few yellow-vented bulbul criss-cross the road. At the right of us we saw few dusky munia. An unidentified black bird flew passed by.

We stopped at the point we could the canopy of the tree below us. We scan the area but did not see any bird. There is a strong smell of either bat or flying fox urine.

We carry on our way down the slope. We saw a few Blue-throated Bee-eater and wood swallow on the electrical cable. We reached our favorite watching place at 6:50 am. The weather is fine but very humid. The air temperature is 30.9 ° Centigrade.

An asian fairy bluebird stood on a branch of a fruiting tree. A few songs of unidentified barbet and woodpecker filled the air, but their physical body is not seen.

A flash of either black-banded barbet or red-crown barbet is seen flying across the open space. A greater coucal flew close in front of us and hid quickly among the tree. A lot of tree swift and white-throated needletail flying high above us.
Broadbill calling far in the jungle. There are a lot of Hill mynas criss-crossing the sky above us. A total of 15 birds recorded. Hornbill quaking sounds very loudly are around us. They seemed to be fighting among themselves. Then a few show them self crested serpent eagle flew fast , a small bird is chasing it. A few instances of sunbird seen among the trees. A hawk eagle flew south west. Argus calling in a distance.

The hornbills are still croaking loudly. A spider hunter, yellow vented bulbul and a black bulbul flew among the fig tree. There are a lot of bird activities at the fig trees, as it is fruiting now. A few instances of malkoha flying at the same tree. Finally we identify it as a chesnut-brested malkoha. A green pigeon flew in a tree in front of us.

The weather is too humid for us to be sitting around the area. Then we pack up and leave the area at 10:43am. The feeling of moving air from the moving car really good. We make our way out with out seeing much of bird presence. Only the presence of Yellow vented bulbul, Pacific swallow and blue-throated bee-eater. An Indian cocco calling in the bushes.

We went into a small road distributary of Buri road. There we found a chestnut Malkoha and un identify raptor.It could be a Serpent eagle juvenile.

We go out of the Buri area and enter a Bukit Song RTM hill. There we saw a few bulbul. When we go out of the area we saw a juvenile Cresteed serpent eagle. It cries so loud for its mother to come home to bring breakfast. We feel pity breakfast is not easy to find nowadays when the jungle is being burnt and cut to make way for plantation.

We went into another potential birding area, this time the area is being prepare for new project. We then enter Bakam bypass. This is a clay road all the way. We did not see any bird activity until we meet the Bakam coastal road. Then we go straight home around 12:00pm.

Juvenile Eagle crying for it mother

Bird List:
Dollar bird (1)
white-throated needltail (50)
Tree swift (50)
Barn swallow (10)
Yellow-vented bulbul (5)
Dusky munia (10)
Black-banded barbet (1)
Blue-throated bee=eater (5)
Asn fairy blue bird (1)
Barbet sp. (1)
Yekkow eareds spider hunter (1)
Red head barbet (1)
Greater coucal (1)
Hill mynas (25)
Broadbill sp. (1)
Spider hunter sp.
Cream vented bulbul (1)
Asian black hornbill (5)
Crested serpent eagle (2)
Chestnut malkoha
Black bulbul (1)
Black banded barbet (1)
Woodpecker sp. (1)
Indian cocco (1)
Green piegon (1)
Hawk eagle (1)

Other fauna:
Monitor lizard (1)

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