Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kuala Baram Mudflat (South)

Kuala Baram Mudflat (South).
31st. Jan 2010
Time 6:30 am – 10:10 am
Air temperature 28.5 ° Centigrade. Total cloud covered sky. Tide is low.
Participants: Steve, Liz, Nazeri, Ali, Aisya, Clare, Rosie, Mike, Mary, Alyssa and Musa (writer).

The 6 kilometers walk south of Kuala Baram Lagoon in yellow.

By the time we reached the Kuala Baram section of the retaining wall, it was already quite bright. We started off from the temporary fishing hut by the beach.

Crossing the flats from mud to sand.

As we reached the beach, we saw 200+ waders flying in, flashing their wings synchronously, likely the same group we saw the previous day. They are made up of mostly Kentish Plover, Lesser and Greater Sandplovers, we believe they just came in from their overnite roost site in Kpg Masjid prawn farms.

We walked south. There were scattered number of Sanderling, Lesser and Greater Sandplovers. We also sighted a grey morph Pacific Reef Egret and a Little Egret. One other white egret present caused a fair bit of discussion with regards to it's actual id. Is a white morph Pacific Egret, it was seen hunting near the grey morph but unnecessarily hostile to each other? Or is it our oft seen and photographed Chinese Egret. We weren't ale to decide on the beach but took many pictures and videos of the birds. It was settled at home after looking the pictures : Chinese Egret.

Further south, about halfway to our destination, we sighted 3 Brahminy Kite engaged in mid-air play. WIth claws locked, two birds were flinging each other in mid air while a third stayed close by. They were several feet higher than the tallest casuarinas. We weren't sure whether it's was a courting game or a display fight for a mate between two males. Their antics were recorded on camera in the following sequence.

Brahminy Kite mid air dance sequence.

White-bellied Sea Eagle

Unidentified raptor

Further south, we sighted a White-bellied Sea Eagle flying high out at sea. There was also an uid raptor flying higher above our heads. It had a long tail and was definitely not as WBSE.

We reached the end of the walk after 6kms.

Bird list:
White-breasted Waterhen 1
Sanderlings 11
Pacific Reef Egret 2
Mixed flock of Kentish Plover, Lesser and Greater Sandplover 200+
Little Egrets 4
Dollarbird 2
Collared Kingfisher 4
Barn swallow 9
Brahminy Kite 3
Common Greenshank 3
Yellow-vented bulbul 5
Tricoloured Munia 3
Common Sandpiper 4
Pacific swallow 3
Striated Grassbird 2
Whitebreasted Woodswallow 5
Spotted Dove 4
White-bellied Sea Eagle 1

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

AWC Kuala Baram Lagoon and Nearby Area.

Kuala Baram Lagoon and Nearby Area.
30th Jan 2010
Time 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Air temperature 28.6 ° Centigrade. A little windy with cloud covered sky. Tide is coming up.
Participants : Steve, Sara, Liz, Nazeri and Musa (writer).

We gathered at Shell office lobby as promised by 3:30 pm, and piled up into Steve's DMax (now christened the AWC mobile) and quickly made our way to Kuala Baram mudflat.

We reached the mudflat area and saw a Pacific Reef Egret, dark morph on the other side of the lagoon. There were some 200+ waders of mixed flock. They were mostly Kentish Plover (70%), Lesser and Greater Sandplover (20 %), Sanderling (5%) and Red-necked Stint (3 %). There were a pair of Malaysian Plover and a Common Greenshank.

Checking out the Brahminy Kite.

Further along the beach, we saw another Pacific Reef Egret hunting at the edge of the shallow water. Further away, a lone Great Egret moved in measured steps stalking for prey. There were also a group of 3 Malaysian Plover a short disance away from the egret.

We left the beach and drove to the Shi Yang dump to check-out the harriers we saw last Thursday. There were no harriers however we sighted a number of Cattle Egrets and Intermediate Egret in the area. Paddyfield Pipits were also present.

While trying to id a raptor in flight a great distance away, out flew 174 egrets (counted from the photograph) from a marshy spot behind a rubbish heap. They were probably a mixed flock of Intermediate, Little and Cattle Egret. Driving around the area we noticed several plovers and sandpipers in the area. We positively id a Common Sandpiper and a Woodsandpiper but weren't able to id the plovers quick enough as they flew out of the area.

174 egrets up in the air.

A nesting White-bellied Sea Eagle

We left the dump when it was close to sunset and headed south towards a nesting Whitebellied Sea Eagle. After a short drive around the area, the birds turned up. The first eagle perched outside the nest, we assumed this was the male. He waited for the second eagle which flew in a few short minutes later and immediately took it's place in the nest. The first eagle also went into the nest to settle it for the night. We weren't 100 % sure whether it's a male-female pair of eagles or a mother-juvvy pair that went into the nest.

We ended the session 6:45 pm when the sun was completely below the horizon.

Bird list:
Cattle egret 5
Pacific Reef-egret 10
Black-winged Kite 3
Little egrets 6 + 174
Mixed flock of Kentish Plover, Lesser and Greater Sandplover 200+
Malaysian plover 5
Common Greenshank 3
Great Egret 2
Collared Kingfisher 3
Pied Fantail 2
Yellow-vented bulbul 5
Tricoloured Munia 10
Common Sandpiper 7
Pacific Swallow 5
White-breasted Woodswallow 10
Paddyfield Pipit 6
Brahminy Kite 1
Dusky Munia 3
Spotted Dove 1
Striated Grassbird 6
Wood Sandpiper 3
White-bellied Sea-eagle 2

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Birding with Seng, Carol, Nina and David in Kuala Baram

Sg Tujuh Area to Curtin South East lake28th Jan 2010
Time 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Air temperature 26.8 ° Centigrade.
Cloud covered sky.
Participants :Steve, Sara, Nazeri, Musa, Seng, Carol, Nina and David.

It started off with Crested Serpent Eagle just past Curtin and later a mad rush for an Eastern Marsh Harrier and what could be a Northern Marsh Harrier or juvvy of the former. The two harriers were spotted just before ASEAN Bridge. Black-winged Kite and Brahminy Kite were two other raptors were sighted along the Kuala Baram road to Kpg Masjid.

Discussing the finer points of raptor id ... sometimes the illustration in the fieldguides can be quite different from the real thing. Some fieldguides are also not comprehensive enough (they can't, fieldguides are meant to be concise anf portable for use in the field) to bare all variations, ages of a species. Get your pencil and paper out ... start making fieldnotes!!!

The three Oriental Darter perched up of bare branches a distance away, enjoying the impending sunset perhaps. There was also an Osprey perched on a nearby tree. Last weekend during AWC, we ticked a Grey-headed Fish Eagle over the same area.

Birders checking out the Cinnamon Bitter, Oriental Reed Warbler, Striated Grassbird, White-browed Crake and of course the Wandering Whistling Duck ... all in one tiny little spot.

Wandering Whistling Duck enjoying quite moments at a well secluded water body in Kuala Baram Peatswamps.

Crested Serpent Eagle,
Eastern Marsh Harrier,
Northern Marsh Harrier (judge is still out on this one),
White-bellied Sea Eagle,
Black-winged Kite,
Brahminy Kite,

We ran out of time so wasnt able to checkout the other site with a nesting White-bellied Sea Eagle. The Peregrine Falcon we picked out last Saturday during AWC didn't make an appearance this time around. The Changeable-Hawk Eagle that was hanging around the area usually was also noticeably missing.

Other birds:
Striated Grassbird,
Oriental Darter,
Oriental Reed Warbler,
Wandering Whistling Duck,
Cinnamon Bittern,
Common Snipe,
Pied Thriller,
Collared Kingfisher,
Tricolored Munia,
Pink-necked Pigeon,
White-breasted Woodswallow,
Common Greenshank,
Kentish Plover,
Pacific Golden Plover,
White-breasted Waterhen,
White-browed Crake,
Little Egret,
Cattle Egret,
Intermediate Egret,
Spotted Dove,
Yellow-vented Bulbul,
Zebra Dove.

Lights dissappearing, bugs starting to come out, birders still intent on birding.

A fitting end to a short dash about the bush, sunset in Kuala Baram Peatswamp ... followed by nasi lalapan at a nearby kedai kopi.

Nazeri Abghani and Musa Musbah, Jan 2010.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

AWC Kuala Baram Vegetable Farm 24th Jan 2010

Area Around Kuala Baram Vegetable Farm.
24th. Jan 2010
Time 8:40 am – 9:02 am.
Air temperature 28.6 ° Centigrade. 75% Cloud covered sky.
Steve, Nazeri and Musa.

The 6km track we covered in a vegetable farm in Kuala Baram.

Last year during AWC 2009 and WMBD 2009, we sighted a few good bids here among them Blue Buttonquail, Watercock and Oriental Pratincole. We thought we'd give this a once over. Lately the gates have been locked shut by the owner, today we found it open. It's too good an opportunity to pass. We went in.

We were immediately greeted by hoards of Tricolored Munia, several groups of Dusky Munia, a Purple Heron, Yellow-bellied Prinia, and a bunch of Pacific Golden Plover at three locations (10-12 birds per location) within the farm as well as several White-breasted Waterhen, which seems to be ubiquitous in these parts. What we were looking for is actually the pratincole or maybe even the watercock. No such luck.

One thing we subsequntly notice in Kuala Baram was the Dusky Munia, we found it odd that they were always encountered in groups more than two. Perhaps a family group. This seemed to be common in most of the other sites as well within Kuala Baram.

We left the vegetable farm and headed towards some newly cleared land not far from the farm. Out in the distance we saw a White-bellied Sea Eagle standing majestically next to a large nest. Hopefully the tree will be left standing for a few more years. looking at the rate at which Kuala Baram is being reclaimed for farming, new roads and development we weren't sure how realistic is that hope. On the way out we saw a Plaintive Cuckoo.

This session end at 9:02 am. and we headed out for a quick look at Kuala Baram mudflats near the infamous crocodile farm.

It was low tide and we didn't see much out there other than 2 Great Egret, 2 Little Egret, several Pacific Golden Plover, Red-necked Stint, a sole Greenshank and several Lesser Sandplover.

Birdlist at this session:
Little Egret 5
Cattle Egret 6
White-breasted Waterhen 10
Pacific Golden Plover 30
Spotted Dove 3
Yellow-bellied Prinia 10
Tricoloured Munia 40
Dusky Munia 10
Snipe sp 2
Purple Heron 1
Zebra Dove 8
Yellow-vented Bulbul 10
Intermediate Egret 5
Yellow Wagtail 1
Common Sandpiper 2
Plaintive Cuckoo 1
White-browed Crake 4
White-bellied Sea Eagle 1 (at nest)
Striated Grassbird 2
Collared Kingfisher 2
White-breasted Woodswallow 8

We left the area for teh tarik in Lutong by 10.00 am.

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

AWC Old Kuala Baram Ferry to Sg Tujuh Roundabout 24th Jan 2010

Old Kuala Baram Ferry to Sg Tujuh Roundabout
24th. Jan 2010
Time 6:30am – 8:30 am
Air temperature 26.8 ° Centigrade. Cloud covered sky.
Steve, Sara, Nazeri and Musa.

Our 12 kilometer AWC track this morning, in yellow from the roundabout to the old jetty.

Best birding in thid area is in the early morning, weather's relatively cool with an almost zero human presence.

Sara had been for us at the ASEAN Bridge for quite some time, the sun has rised over the horizon slowly. By the the time we got to her, the morning light has given the landscape a soft pleasant glow.

As we were driving away from the toll booth we noticed a bird that looks like a crow. It flew from its lamp post perch to a tree newby. It then flew down to the road picking up a small snake that became roadkill the nite before. Though we were hoping for a less common crow in this parts, in the end it was positively id as a Slender-billed Crow, usually spotted in more forested areas such as Lambir.

We went east toward Kampong Muhibbah and sighted a Lesser Coucal. A few tree swifts were present. Across the road, about 2 kilometers away, a huge mixed flock egrets were spotted. It consisted of Little Egret, Intermediate Egret and Great Egret, we estimated at least 300 individual were roosting inside the perimeter of the prawn farm.

Within the same perimeter, we spotted a Peregrine Falcon, and 2 Brahminy Kites. Further up the road we picked out Pink-necked Green Pigeon, in total we estimated more than 50 individuals present in the area.

Not long after, within the same areas we saw a few group of waders in a mixed flock of 20-40 birds flying above heading towards the opposite coast. An estimated 200 birds consisting of sandpipers, plovers and small stints flew out of the prawn farms in small groups.

As we went further up the road we sighted a lone Silver leaf Monkey sitting alone holding to the bare branches of lifeless tree. Not far away sat a lone macaque. There were also Blue-throated Bee-eater, Dusky Munia and Tri-colored Munia. Several Dollarbird were sighted perched alonside the road.

By the Batang Baram, the end of our transect at the old ferry ramp, we sighted 7 Common Sandpiper flying low just slightly above the water surface. We ended our traverse at Kpg Muhibbah. Our last sighting in this area was that of a family of White-breasted Waterhen, 2 adults and 1 still downy juvvy. We completed this session at 8:30 am.

Birdlist for today:

White-breasted Woodswallow 40
Slender-billed Crow 1
Lesser Coucal 1
Swift sp. 10
Little Egrets +300
Striated Grassbird 10
Collared Kingfisher 30
Yellow-vented bulbul 10
Common Iora 5
Pied Triller 60
Little Green Pigeon 10
Pink-necked Green-pigeon 40
Spotted Dove 10
Mixed flock waders (sandpipers, plovers, stints) +200
Wood Sandpiper 20
Tricoloured Munia 50
Purple Heron 4
Brahminy Kite 4
Peregrine Falcon 1
Great Egret 10
Pacific Swallow 30
Barn Swallow 20
Black-winged Kite 2
Yellow Wagtail 2
Zebra Dove 10
Dusky Munia 20
Purple-throated Sunbird 5
Dollarbird 4
Bluethroated Bee-eater 20
Stork-billed Kingfisher 1
Olive-winged Bulbul 2
Oriental Magpie Robin 8
Plaintive Cuckoo 1
Asian Glossy Starling 10
White-browed Crake 4
Greater Coucal 1
Yellow-bellied Prinia 10
Whited-breasted Waterhen 8
Common Sandpiper 10

Silver-leaf monkey 1
Macaque 1

The ubiquitous pigeon in Kuala Baram, early morning and late evening are best for these.

A nest high up on a bare tree.

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

AWC Kuala Baram Prawn Farm 23rd Jan 2010

Area Around Kuala Baram Prawn Farm.
23th. Jan 2010
Time 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm.
Air temperature 29.6 ° Centigrade. Warm cloudless clear day.
Sara, Mieke, Nazeri and Musa.

Track of this afternoon's foray.

Our bird watching started along the old Kuala Baram to Kuala Belait Road.

When we reached the junction to the prawn farm we saw people setting up crab traps. As we went in we saw a Whimbrel among the Pacific Golden Plovers. This lone whimbrel is found to have half of its right leg missing , probably evidence to a small crocodile's unsuccessful attempt at lunch. Not far from them are a mixed flock of egrets.

The lucky Whimbrel. Photo by Nazeri Abghani

The serious business of watching birds.

There are many huge mud-skippers seen in the river.

As we went into the prawn farm we saw kingfishers and many plovers and sandpipers among in the mudflat, the area was littered with with dead tree stumps.

Black-winged Kite

We could not enter the prawn farm as the gate was locked shut. So we steered away using a dirt road to a little village instead, veered left to the rivermouth all the while maneuvering skillfully on jettisoned logs .

Catching fish by the marshy swamp.

The river mouth was chock-filled with scattered logs that were pushed into the rivermouth by the mightry Sourh China Seas at high tide. We negotiated the logs crossing the river to the other side masterfully not unlike the nimbleness one sees in Chinese kungfu flicks. There was no collateral damage, we successfully made our way to the beach in the end.

There were a reasonable number waders on the beach. We set up scope and counted some 60 waders of mixed flock. About 10 are Sanderling and the rest are Kentish Plovers and Lesser Sandplovers. Our presence sppoked them, and they flew away. Only a handful of manic Sanderling stayed behind to continue feeding at the surf.

Intermediate Egret

Soon before the sunset we move back to avoid difficulty of negotiating the log in the dark. When we are back to the junction where we put our cars. We are lucky to watch about sixty Pied Triller roosting in a verdant tree by the side of the road. As we pack our equipment we also saw a Striated Grassbird. We drove off toward the Asian bridge around 6:30 in the evening. We passed by 3 dollarbird just before the toll.

Bird list this afternoon:

White-breasted Woodswallow 12
Whimbrel 1
Pacific Golden Plover 21
Marsh Sandpiper 7
Great Egret 2
Little Egret 57
Grey-tailed Tattler 2
Black-winged Kite 1
Common Sandpiper 9
Intermediate Egret 11
Common Greenshank 3
Lesser Sandplover 2
Yellow-vented Bulbul 7
Little Ringed Plover 13
Long-toed Stint 5
Tricoloured Munia 70
Striated Heron 2
Collared Kingfisher 6
Kentish Plover 46
Sanderling 13
Pied Triller 60
Straited Grassbird 1
Dollarbird 3

Clogged up rivermouth, choc-full of logs.

A beautiful afternoon at the beach. Photo by Nazeri Abghani

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

AWC Curtin-Liku 23rd Jan 2010

Area Around Curtin University to Liku Ferry.
23th. Jan 2010
Time 7:10 am – 9:45am
Air temperature 26.5 ° Centigrade. Cold misty morning.
Steve, Nazeri and Musa.

Today's track in brown.

The morning's air temperature was cold, the gauge read 25 degree centigrade taken from moving car. Some 30 little egrets passed us coming from the West while we are driving along the road to the Curtin Lake. The mist was thick and the surrounding appeared very beautiful. It reminded me of cooler climes in Holland with the low lying trees lining the roadside leading to ASEAN Bridge.

We reached the roadblocked area of Curtin Lake at 7:10. There we saw an Oriental Darter flying past. A common green shank flew out of the lake when we move in closer to the lake. A single wandering-whistling duck was seen alone between the reeds. Three tree-swifts flew around us picking up flying insect. Not long afterwards two ducks comes from the west to join the duck in the reed. A purple heron flew westward. A single intermediate egret was seen far out at the eastern side of the drainage area.

We went out of Curtin are and move to the southeast Lake. On the way out we saw a huge raptor perching in the south of the road. We stopped and mount up the scope. The raptor has a rounded hook beak, white feet, yellow lip. It looked rather puffy, probably it had just came out of the water and was drying himself. This raptor then flew passed us very low and only then we realised it's actual size. We tagged is as a juvvy Grey-headed Fish Eagle.

A juvvy Grey-headed Fisheagle. Picture by Nazeri Abghani.

We entered the southeast lake slowly and saw a Purple Heron in the lake as well as 2 Wandering Whistling Duck a short distance away. We have never seen ducks in this area before. Not long after 3 Wandering Whistling Duck flew in out of nowhere. A White-browed Crake was seen flitting about the reeds not far from where the ducks were.

Two Oriental Reed-warblers were also sighted by the reeds. An unidentified black bird passed flew along side. We went further in slightly and spotted another duck flying out of the lake into the reeds.

Two Wandering Whistling Ducks in a pond, video grab.

The little pond harboring the ducks, reed warblers and crakes.

We moved out of the area and headed towards the Go-kart area.

We stopped a while to see a duck on the right side of us, a Common Moorhen was spotted in the distance, no ducks were sighted.

We passed the cross junction and we turn to the west where the big lake is. The big lake was original lakes, but has been deepen to take the sand out. We saw two wood sand pipers. We went into the west outlet. We have never entered this area. We saw some thing like a Cinnamon Bitten on the other side of the lake. There seemed to be no bird activity here.

When we went out and crossed the Adong Besar bridge, we spotted an Osprey in a small puddle of water. We weren't quite sure what it was doing there, perhaps trying to make a late breakfast of some stranded fish.

An Osprey in a small puddle of water.

We went out and moved to the Liku area to the east. There was a White-breasted Waterhen on the road. We stopped at a small opening on the side of the road, remnant of a temporary campsite perhaps that belonging to a fisherman. Here we saw 2 Oriental Darters perched on a distant bare tree. A Chestnut Malkoha flew passed. There were many Spotted Dove flying between trees across the lake. A Crimson Sunbird perched high above our head. Two Magpie Robin was sighted flying among the trees.

We then moved to Liku Ferry area. On a recently cleared field we saw some 30 wagtails and some Pacific Swallow.

A Shikra.

Steve spotted a raptor among the foliage and requested to set-up the scope. The raptor was later id as a Shikra.

We went out of the area and entered a pineapple farm. We saw some Dusky Munia. A large flower pecker passed us. An Ashy Tailorbird, Green Iora and prinias were sighted.

We went out and on our left side we spotted a Dollarbird and an Orange-breasted Flowerpecker. Two White-breasted Waterhen were seen foraging by the side of the road.

We saw a Wood Sandpiper and an Intermediate Egret nearby. We ended our session at 9:45 am.

Bird list:
Little Egrets 35
Tree swifts sp 2
Yellow-vented Bulbul 8
Oriental Darter 6
Greenshank 1
Wandering-whistling Duck 12
Wood Sandpiper 4
Common Sandpiper 3
Swift sp 3
Whited-brested Waterhen 3
Common Moorhen 2
Striated Grassbird 1
Purple Heron 6
Intermediate Egret 5
Grey-headed Fisheagle 1
Oriental Reed Warbler 2
Warbler sp 4
White-browed Crake 2
Osprey 1
Flower pecker sp. 2
Orange-breasted Flowerpecker 1
Crimson Sunbird 1
Chestnut-breasted Malkoha 1
Magpie Robin 2
Blue-throated Bee-eater 6
Zebra Dove 6
Spotted Dove 5
Wagtail 15
Crested Serpent-eagle 1
White-breated Woodswallow 7
Pacific Swallow 7
Shikra 1
Dollarbird 1
Dusky Munia 6
Green Iora 1
Sunbird sp. 1
Ashy Tailorbird 1
Prinia sp. 2
Yellow-bellied Prinia 4

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

AWC Curtin Lakes 17th Jan 2010

Area: Around Curtin University
Date : 17th. Jan 2010
Time: 6:00 am – 10:30am
Air temperature 26.3 ° Centigrade. Overcast and slight rain.
Participants : Steve, Sara and Musa.

Birdwatching track 17 Jan 2010

It was an early start, by the time I arrived at the Guardhouse, Sara was already waiting. Steve arrived not long afterwards. The three of u made up the paltry crew for AWC at Curtin University. It was slightly drizzling this being landas season and all. We jumped into Steve's car and headed to our target area. A short distance away, a Long-tailed Nightjar was still calling.

Still dark.

The sunrise was rather dull, muted and windy. The wind, coming from the thick-clouded area predicted rain.

Some waders by the water's edge.

We walked quietly in quick measured steps to the area we sighted some ducks among other waterbirds during last year's AWC. We could hear the White-browed Crake calling, mocking us from his hiding place.

There were already several waders standing in the shallows. One initially looked like a Greenshank, but we weren't able to positively id it due to the still relatively low light conditions. A bit later we counted almost 30 waders of mixed flock in the small pool water. The majority of them were Wood Sandpiper, several plovers ie. Pacific Golden Plover. There was also one Intermediate Egret among them.

Out at the reed end two Wandering Whistling Duck flew out. On the other end of the reed a Common Moorhen was standing by the side of another duck. Some sparrows were flying around us. From the southeast suddenly flew in an Oriental Darter, it flew right above our heads. We sensed that rain was near and made a quick dash to the car before the deluge.

Oriental Darter in flight.

We stayed in the car for a while waiting for the rain to pass, and later decided to move southeast. We entered another area and found several Pacific Golden Plover. We scanned the lakes but did not see any other birds.

Black-winged Kite, 8 birds were seen in the area!

We went out of the area and drove to another location east of the ASEAN Bridge. There we saw a few White-breasted Waterhen. On the way in we could hear a barbet calling. There were a few birds of prey circling the area but we weren't able to positively id them. We went back to Curtin Lakes.

Wandering Whistling Duck in the reeds.

When we got back to the lakes, the notice a quiet absence of birds. Not far from where we stood, two men were casting fishing nets by the water's edge.

Locals trying their luck catching fish near the lake.

We decided to check out the Curtin University compound, several small lakes were retained during the construction of Curtin campus. Along the side of the road we saw several Tri-coloured Munia, two Spotted Dove and two Richard's/Paddyfield Pipit. There were also several Wood Sandpiper.

Pacific Golden Plover.

An unidentified raptor.

A Blue-throated Bee-eater.

We went over to the east side of Curtin. There we saw Common Snipe. These birds were so wary and cautious, seeing them takes some patience. Sara went out of the car and move to the other side of the field to flush them our way. We made several successful pictures of the snipe.

Wood Sandpiper.

Over to the eastern part of Curtin compound, we found several more Pacific Golden Plovers, Wood Sandpiper and Common Sandpipers. Pacific Swallow and Tri-coloured Munia were also present.

Wood Sandpiper.

Grey Wagtail.

Pacific Golden Plover.

Wood Sandpiper.

Grey Wagtail.

Our birdlist for the morning:
1. Wood Sandpiper
2. Wandering Whistling Duck
3. Common Moorhen
4. Oriental Darter
5. Intermediate Egret
6. Purple Heron
7. Pacific Golden Plover
8. White-browed Crake
9. Common Sandpiper
10. Green Pigeon
11. Common Iora
12. Pied Triller
13. Black-winged Kite (10 in total)
14. Yellow-vented Bulbul
15. Little Egret
16. White-breasted Waterhens
17. Pacific Swallow
18. Tri-colored Munia
19. Ashy Tailorbird
20. Striated Grassbird
21. Barn Swallow
22. Spotted Dove
23. Peaceful Dove
24. White-breasted Woodswallow
25. Blue-throated Bee-eater
26. Richard's/Paddyfield Pipit
27. Common Snipe (??)
28. Pied Fantail
29. Yellow Wagtail (20)
30. Grey Wagtail
31. Little Ringed Plover

We left the area by 10:30hrs.

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010