Sunday, January 24, 2010

AWC Kuala Baram Vegetable Farm 24th Jan 2010

Area Around Kuala Baram Vegetable Farm.
24th. Jan 2010
Time 8:40 am – 9:02 am.
Air temperature 28.6 ° Centigrade. 75% Cloud covered sky.
Steve, Nazeri and Musa.

The 6km track we covered in a vegetable farm in Kuala Baram.

Last year during AWC 2009 and WMBD 2009, we sighted a few good bids here among them Blue Buttonquail, Watercock and Oriental Pratincole. We thought we'd give this a once over. Lately the gates have been locked shut by the owner, today we found it open. It's too good an opportunity to pass. We went in.

We were immediately greeted by hoards of Tricolored Munia, several groups of Dusky Munia, a Purple Heron, Yellow-bellied Prinia, and a bunch of Pacific Golden Plover at three locations (10-12 birds per location) within the farm as well as several White-breasted Waterhen, which seems to be ubiquitous in these parts. What we were looking for is actually the pratincole or maybe even the watercock. No such luck.

One thing we subsequntly notice in Kuala Baram was the Dusky Munia, we found it odd that they were always encountered in groups more than two. Perhaps a family group. This seemed to be common in most of the other sites as well within Kuala Baram.

We left the vegetable farm and headed towards some newly cleared land not far from the farm. Out in the distance we saw a White-bellied Sea Eagle standing majestically next to a large nest. Hopefully the tree will be left standing for a few more years. looking at the rate at which Kuala Baram is being reclaimed for farming, new roads and development we weren't sure how realistic is that hope. On the way out we saw a Plaintive Cuckoo.

This session end at 9:02 am. and we headed out for a quick look at Kuala Baram mudflats near the infamous crocodile farm.

It was low tide and we didn't see much out there other than 2 Great Egret, 2 Little Egret, several Pacific Golden Plover, Red-necked Stint, a sole Greenshank and several Lesser Sandplover.

Birdlist at this session:
Little Egret 5
Cattle Egret 6
White-breasted Waterhen 10
Pacific Golden Plover 30
Spotted Dove 3
Yellow-bellied Prinia 10
Tricoloured Munia 40
Dusky Munia 10
Snipe sp 2
Purple Heron 1
Zebra Dove 8
Yellow-vented Bulbul 10
Intermediate Egret 5
Yellow Wagtail 1
Common Sandpiper 2
Plaintive Cuckoo 1
White-browed Crake 4
White-bellied Sea Eagle 1 (at nest)
Striated Grassbird 2
Collared Kingfisher 2
White-breasted Woodswallow 8

We left the area for teh tarik in Lutong by 10.00 am.

Musa Musbah, Jan 2010

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