Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pulau Melayu Oriental Pied Horn Bills Update No. 01

My Friend wish to be a contributor to this birdwatching blog specializing on the Pulau Melayu hornbills. The original story featured on March 21 in this blog.

He will give us updates of any development about these birds.

The first time Fuad managed to shoot the 4 hornbills (2 pairs) in one photo.

The one-eye female hornbill is on the far right. The 3 egg jars that he placed on the balcony can be seen on this picture. Hopefully they may choose to lay eggs on one of the jars.

One of the hornbills seems interested on what is happening in his house.


  1. I noticed that the jar is in nearly full sunlight. Then it will heat up during the hot day. Is it possible to put some shade plant. Without the shade the egg jar is heated then then it is hot without any humidity. For the bird to like the jar it need 60% - 80% humidity inside the jar.

  2. I'm thinking maybe one of this days Fuad can sms us when the OPs are around and we can go record the birds on camera. As it is Fuad's got a nice set-up for a really intimate study of the birds ... not many can report OP in the MY Garden Birdwatch list I bet!