Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birds at Kuala Baram Lagoon 12th October

Pacific Golden Plover.

It was low tide today when observation was made from 0700-0800hrs. The following birds were observed on the flats ...

1) Far Eastern Curlew
2) Marsh Sandpiper
3) Pacific Golden Plover
4) Lesser Sand Plover
5) Whimbrel
6) Common Sandpiper
7) Red-necked Stint ... close to a hundred birds spread out close to the wet sections, one individual was still sporting breeding colors
8) Common Sandpiper
9) Ruff
10) Common Kingfisher ... I've been looking for this chap since I last saw him a long while ago. It was perched near the flats, called out a few times before I finally noticed it. It then flew back to it's favorite perch behind the small hut on the other side of the embankment.
11) Pacific Reef Egret (grey morph)
12) Chinese Egret
13) Little Egret
14) Curlew Sandpiper
15) Terek Sandpiper
16) Sanderling
17) Grey Plover
18) Grey Wagtail
19) Cattle Egret by the roadside.
20) Collared Kingfisher

There're rather a distance away into the flats, the only option was to shoot using a digiscope
set-up. A hide would be absolutely necessary otherwise.

Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri/Oct 2010

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