Sunday, January 23, 2011

AWC Pujut Lakes 23rd Jan

Early risers trying to catch a glimpse of several Wandering Whistling Duck which flew out of reeds to another nearby lake. MNS Miri Branch (Musa Musbah) sighted first breeding record of Wandering Whistling Duck in these waterlogged swamps Feb 2009.

Pujut Lakes 23rd Jan 2011.
Entry and exit via Go-Kart Circuit

Observers: Musa Musbah, Anura Dason, Sara Wong, Joyce Sivalingam, Nazeri Abghani

Time : 0600-0900hrs

We drove in 2x4WD along a dirt track by the side of the lakes, stop and observe surroundings at specific sighting locations. We crossed Sg Adong Kecil.

Wandering Whistling Duck
-12 seen flying into the 1st lake very early in the morning
-4 seen flying out from the other end of the 1st lake
-6 seen at the last lake at the gate of the plantation

Intermediate Egret
White-browed Crake (heard 1st and later seen)
Black-winged Kite
-seen handling a prey (thought to be a small bird but later confirmed as a small mammal), tearing meat of prey
-a squaking (juvvy??) seen flying over to the same tree to share the meat
-the 1st bird flew off, followed by the 2nd bird
-recorded sequence on video
-would've been great if 1st bird proceeded to feeding the 2nd bird!

Grey Heron
Purple Heron
Blue-throated Bee-Eater
Chestnut Munia
Green Pigeon
Black-collared Starling
-initially dismissed as Pied Triller, a flock of 20
-upon closer inspection, confirmed to be from one of the pied Sturnidae family on account of lack of black markings on head area other than the collar, plummer size, white-yellowish head.
-moves together in a flock in the same tree from branch to branch
-good observation made for a duration of 2-3minutes.
-a loud "Musa, bring the video-scope!" spooked the flock which flew seconds later.
-Musa has seen this bird before on the same tree but thought it was Pied Triller "behaving like a starling".

White-breasted Waterhen

We turned back after reaching the gate to the oil palm plantation. We drove back to the 1st lake and observed further several WWD, WBC and IE.

Overall a great short outing with BCS and potentiall BWK feeding a juvvy (perhaps, could also be a mate) both are subjects with potential for further exploration on other future outings in the area.

We concluded the session at 0900hrs with a late roti-canai breakfast nearby.

This is a video of two juvenile Black-winged Kite on nest, captured by Musa Musbah the next day 24th January 2011 at the same location.

Write-up and images by Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri/Jan 2011

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