Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birdwatching in your backyard with MNS

How to get to SK Bungai, 30mins from Miri town heading south towards Bekenu along the coastal highway. Keep a watch out for a chrome sign "Bungai Beach" on your right as you approach the junction after Azam Trading.

The birding loop around Kpg Bungai, Kpg Gatas and Kpg Peliau in the vicinity of SK Bungai. MNS Miri birders will be joined by 45 students from three rural schools in the area for this Saturday's "Birding in Your Backyard with MNS".

MNS Miri birders will be descending to Bungai this Saturday, 18th June for a morning session of "Birdwatching in Your Backyard with MNS". Birders from the branch will take 45 children from 3 rural schools to check out the birds in their backyard.

A first friendly birdrace in these parts, our program is as follows :
0700hrs Registration
0715 hrs Short Briefing and break into groups
0730 hrs Start birdwatching along assigned routes above.
1000 hrs Meet back at starting point for refreshments.
1100 hrs A few words from Headmaster/Headmistress.
1200 hrs Award of certificates and award of "Surprise Prize" by MNS Chairperson.
1300 hrs Close.

Birdgroups (assigned responsible adult-bird person in bold; and potential key birds + topics to chat about with the students):

Group 1 – Nazeri, Clare, Ibrahim (SFC)
SK Bungai-BungaiBeach-SK Bungai
Special bird : Little Egret; Migrants

Group 2 – Erwin, Anura, Suni (SFC)
SK Bungai-Peliau-SK Bungai
Special bird : Black-thighed Falconet; Raptors

Group 3 – Bor Seng, Roslan (SFC), Kallang (SFC)
SK Bungai –Peliau-Gatas-SK Bungai
Special bird : Dusky Munia; Endemics

Group 4 – Dominique, Joyce, Adaha
SK Bungai-Gatas-Peliau-SK Bungai
Special bird : Orange-breasted Flowerpecker; Endemics

There will be two teachers tagging along each group to help manage the kids (45 kids from 3 schools). Please bring water along your scope, binos (and extra binos) as well as your fieldguides. Allocated 2.5 hrs birdwatching time includes walking the route assigned above.

Those interested to participate as facilitators to please contact nabghani at yahoo dot com

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