Sunday, January 8, 2012

AWC Kuala Baram Lagoon South 07th Jan 2012

The roadside view of our starting point right across the road from Toh Pottery. This stretch is marked by remnants of coastal swamps dominated bu casuarinas and a few surviving mangrove trees.

MNS Miri Branch volunteers completed Kuala Baram Lagoon stretch from Toh Factory to edge of sandspit over two weekend mornings.

On Saturday morning, volunteers (Peter Pillai, Joyce Sivalingam, Amer Matridi, John Yeo, Elizabeth Yeo, Musa Musbah, Sara Wong, Nazeri Abghani, Kwan, Ali and Aisya) covered the stretch from Toh Pottery to the start of the lagoon. The weather was fairly cloudy but got rather sunny when we ended the survey at about 1100 hrs. The tide was low but rising very slowly. Sea conditions were rough considering that we are now within the landas period.

There were scattered sightings of waders along the beach :
Greater Sandplover (10),
Common Sandpiper (1),
Malaysian Plover (2),
Kentish Plover (16), and
Sanderling (5)

Other birds sighted were:
a juvenile White-bellied Sea Eagle (1),
Pacific Golden Plover (1),
Little Egret (5), Great Egret (1),
Collared Kingfisher (8),
White-breasted Woodswallow (2),
Yellow-bellied Prinia (5),
Straited Grassbird (1),
Yellow Bittern (2),
Cinnamon Bittern (1),
Pink necked Green Pigeon (5),
Pied-Triller (4),
Olive-backed Sunbird (1) and
Purple Heron (1)

We broke off at approximately 1100hrs, by then the sun was beating hard on everyone.

The briefing before the start of our walk along the beach. MNS Miri Branch has been actively carrying AWC in this area since 1998, with a gap 2003-2006.

Checking out the waders at the rivermouth.

The sole surviving mangrove on the beach. This southern part of Kuala Baram has several boat making factory, a timber store, heavy machinery store as well as a tyre store/factory.

Volunteers getting a good look at the Collared Kingfisher which thrives in this environment. Occasionally Common Kingfisher is reported along this stretch. The causarinas that lined the beach are frequented by many insect eating birds throughout the day. Occasionally raptors such as the Osprey, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Brahminy Kite make their appearance here.

Lugging gear up the embankment at the end of the stretch.

By Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri Branch/Jan 2012

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