Monday, February 15, 2010

AWC Go-Cart lake 15 Feb 2010

15th. Feb 2010
Time 6:00 am – 9:00 am
Air temperature 26.6 ° Centigrade.
Thin cloud sky, misty morning
Participant: Nazeri and Musa (writer).

This morning we started early from home and arrived at Go-cart lakes while it was still dark. We sprayed our faces and bare parts of our body with copious amount of highly toxic mosquitoe repellent. Nazeri was here yesterday morning and the amount of mosquitoes was so unbearable, he had to leave after 15mins. He had forgotten to bring the repellent.

These mosquitoes were so persistent they'd even bite through cloth. We took turns spraying while waiting for the sun to rise. Scanned the night scope around the lake, only saw a single Intermediate Egret at the other side of the lake.

The sun rose beautifully with blazing red hue over the horizon. A pair of Purple Heron flew across. Serendipity indeed even with the blasted mozzies.

Early duck watching.

The first duck was seen at 6:27 am flew in from the North East. He knew we were waiting there and cautiously landed just outside of our field of view.

The Intermediate Egret was still feeding across the lake happily. A moorhen swam by completely ignoring our presence.

Serenity at the Go-cart lakes.

A group of Wandering Whistling Duck going back into hiding.

Another duck flew in at 6:39 am but it continued flying southwest. A group of 15 ducks suddenly appeared from the southwest area and swam towards a clearing. We managed to take video and photographs of them. Then they flew off to the east, when a group of construction workers spooked them.

Another Common Moorhen swam in the middle of the lake close to the egret. A Yellow Bitten suddenly flew in front of us from out of nowhere.

15 Wandering whistling ducks flying

White-browed Crake

White-browed Crake

Another 5 Wandering Whistlinf Duck flew in from the east and landed in the eastern part of the lake and quickly hid themslves among floating lilies.

A White browed Crake appeared right in front of us intent on preening. It carried on for quite a while completely dismissing us. He either didn't see us or couldn't be bothered by our presence.

At 7:46am we decide to move to Kuala Baram vegetable farm to check on the White-bellied Sea Eagle's nest. We saw a single small head poking out of the nest, from such a long distance , it knew that we were observing it.

We moved out of t area and reach home at 9:00 am.

Bird list:
Purple Heron 2
Intermediate Egret 2
Common Moorhen 5
Wandering Whistling Duck 22
Yellow Bittern 2
White-browed Crake 1
White-breasted Waterhen 5
Yellow-bellied Prinia 5

WMD ... there goes the peatswamp.

Musa Musbah, February 2010

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