Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still quiet at the Kuala Baram mudflats

The mudflat this morning circa 0630hrs ... seemed deserted, but four Malaysian Plovers were seen running around a short while later.

It was high tide went I reached the spot just a few minutes past 6.30pm. Other than the familiar sounds of the Yellow-bellied Prinia and Pied Triller, all else seems silent today.

At the flats the waders are still noticeably absent, I thought I heard them but after carefull scanning with the scope across the flats, nothing turned up. Only by 0700am there seemed to be some stirring in the distance.

Two Little Egret came out into view, followed by a lone Chinese Egret. Other than the waders, these are the regulars here. A couple of weeks ago a Grey Heron made a brief appearance a couple of mornings, then completely dissappeared.

Then four Malaysian Plover made a move, looks like a family unit of two adults (male and female) and two juveniles. It was here back in April 2010 that we discovered a downy juvenile amongst the flotsam jetsam; perhaps it i snow fully grown.

The plovers were later joined by two very skittish Common Sandpiper, chirping all the way as they hurried madetheir way further from where the scope was stationed.

There were no other waders spotted that morning. At least not till 0745 when I decided to leave the area to get to work. By then the tide was fast receding, exposing the flats further ... perhaps they all started flying in after I had left.

Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri/21st Jul 2010

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