Thursday, July 15, 2010

Volunteer for Taiping Raptor Count 2010

Raptors of mixed species soaring in the skies.

The Malaysian Nature Society Perak Branch has recently been awarded some funds under the MNS Merdeka Fund to carry out raptor migration monitoring at Taiping in autumn 2010. The objective of this project is to carry out full season count of migratory raptors over Taiping as well promote public awareness through a raptor watch event to be held at Scott's Hill.

In 2009, volunteers carried out 59 days of counting and recorded a total of 52,500 raptors comprising 13 species. On one single day, Lim Aun Tiah witnessed the amazing sight of more than 10,000 Black Bazas passing through! We are hoping to improve on these records this year!

On behalf of MNS Perak Branch, I am inviting volunteers (no need to be experts!) to join the counting teams for the period from 25 September to 21 Nov 2010.

Below are some information on what is involved:

* Counting site is at the residence of K C Lim
* Each team will consist of max 2 persons (not including Co-ordinator)
* Counting will be from 0900hrs - 1700hrs daily
* Official counters (max 2 pax) will be paid RM30 subsistence each per day
* Free accommodation for counters in the residence of K C Lim
* Volunteers are responsible for their own transport to Taiping and all meals
* Subsidy for transport expenses (fuel receipts) is available on a case-by-case basis

For those keen to volunteer, please contact me in private for the username and password to register your dates in google calendar.

Please also pass on this message to others who may be interested.
Thank you!
K C Lim
Project co-ordinator

Note :

MNS Miri members interested to volunteer for the Taiping Raptor Count 2010 to please email We will put you in contact with KC to get more details as well as to sign up.

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