Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Wader Watch 2012

Today between 7:30am and 9:30an I went to watch for waders at Lutong river mouth and Kuala baram batu satu and kuala baram mud flat. At Lutong river mouth (Beach end of Lutong, Andreson Bridge) I saw 36 terns. 4 little terns having yellow bill with black tip, with yellow leg. At first I suspected suspected they are Chinese crested tern. 4 large common terns, and the rest (20) are small common terns. 8 more tern seen at the North side where the Chinese egret used to feed. Its not arrived yet. Passed Lutong tank farm, did saw one intermediate egret. that used to be these. Went out to a bridge at the bend before the SMTC, look at the river. No wader found. The common kingfisher did showed up very fast. Went to the Mud flat area to search for any waders. No wader found. Only a single little egret feeding in the shallow water. Images and words, Musa Musbah/MNS Miri/August 2012

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