Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wader watch 23 Aug 2012

Today I just want to take the wader around Kuala Lutong. Went in to the beach from Anderson Bridge. This small bicycle bridge was built by ex Shell Managing Director Brain Anderson just after 1981 flood. The section of the road destroyed by the flood. The road was filled and a small bicycle bridge was built. From this bridge I can see the waders at the water edge. I go close to them and start taking photgtaph of them. Soon as I came around 30 meter they flew away. They flew to the north side. I scan the beach to see if these is any other wader around. I came to see a single Kentish plover and winbrel far at the north side. I try to go closer to take their photograph. It didn't allow me to come close than 100 meter. Then I go back to the south where the whole group went. I could only come close than 50 meter. The wimbrel just not allowing to come close than 100 meters. Images and words, Musa Musbah/MNS Miri/August 2012

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